great guns its the fook!!

so... shoe almost came home empty handed after spending nearly a whole day in the fukuoka without having sampled the ramen. for shame, shoe! however, before hittin' the airport, shoe's handlers were kind enough to excort him on a RAMEN HASHIGO>>!!

first up was the kairyu, a legendary kurume ramen. man, shoe's ears were smokin' as he anticipated this bowl. kairyu aint a pretty joint, the only adornment on the walls are some siggies from a bunch o famous boogers. all shoe had eyes for tho' were the giant steamin' pots being attended to by the ramen acolytes behind the counter.

soup so thick the spoon was standin' to attention. noodles pure kate moss, thin n white. a sliver o nori nestled on top, gently, gently. what can shoe say about the taste!?! no words come from his uglee gob.

just as the shoe was wipin his chin from this wee slice o ramen heaven, his handlers suggested a dash to the next place, the ippudou. shoe dinae know what to think. could he handle two monster bowls in one session? kairyu alone would be enough to sate the shoe for a month...

ippudou. great jibbly chunks o chashew!! this bowl is about as close as a shoe can get to the idea of the tonkotsu-ramen-as-it-is-in-itself. ippudou cheekily claims to be all assari, but don' be fooled, younglings. it's just as belly-bustin' as the kairyu.

here's the red, exxtra shhpicy.

shoe had constructed a list as long as his forearm, contemplatin' for hours what joints he would hit. in the end, he only got two in the books. but wotta two!!

three plato-es ramen-ing for the marvels of the fook!


many moons ago, shoe dwelled in the kyushu. at the time, shoe was criminally ignorant of all things good aboot the ramen, but he knew champon pretty well. ah champon, that shitmix of piggie, veggie an sea..
RINGER HUT was a favoured joint wit the shoe, can't beat the cheap. just as mickie D's coffee is the defacto platonic ideal o' coffee, so it goes wit the ringer hut an champon. there are fistfuls o joints waay better than the 'hut, but iffn it's champon ya crave in a jiff, you could do worse.

now wit all that buildup, yu'd think that steamin' bowl up there is one o the hut's finest. nah. shoe waited a good long hour to suck this bowl down, overlookin' the grand nagasaki bay. refined n all that, yeah.

another dish that deserves a spot here is the saraudon. when done poorly, it's a sloppy sludge o Elmers trowelled onto a scratchy bird nest. but in the hands o someone who knows a bit about things, it's a quiverin' mass o some unworldy fusion 'twixt crunch an slurp.

yea, shoe did love the nags an all the funky goodness.

three happyfunballs for the champs!

next up, the fukuoka (tremble..)

rockin' it edo stylee..

in the tamachi, genkotsuya is all old school, and man shoe needed to get back to a good ramen.

the 'ya is just a wee counter, some old jazzy stuff on the wax, some a-guffawin' fatty salarymens. shoe rolled in an plunked down fo' the basic bowl, although the chashew-men looked pretty snazzy.

genkotsuya is one o those places that has to tells ya all about their bowl, with intimate details o the makin' and brewin' painstain'kly scribed in earthy kanji on helpful index cards placed in strategic locations. somethin' to while away the minutes to the eatin', shoe supposes. it's a good bet that the bowl is solid, and so shoe expected nothin less that pure catharsis for the last wreck of a bowl (scroll down a bit)

the soup was heavy and oily, so no way shoe was goin to finish the broth. the presence o onions throughout the bowl was a bit scary, but no harm done overall. nice menma and some goodly thick noodles rounded the works oot. yes, genkotsuya delivered. if you likes it thick n oily (and really who doesn't?) you can't do much better.

three fatties from edo for genkotsuya..

shoe's heart be a-fluutta..

yeh... shoe is heading down to where all the funky noodle goodness is. the KYUSHUU. the small gold heart o' shoe's ragged sole, the nagasaki. the friggin' fukuoka!


shoe is constructing a wish list. gaddam.

more fun wit puddin'

well well, looks like the 'ole oppai puddin' is back!

two smanky versions for y'all...the first, the yokohama bust puddin'

gently fellas! y'ell get an eye poked oot there!

k, then we gots the goth-typey maid thingy from the ghost house at Fuji-Q highland..

shoe likey the engrish. 'a first class cook seasoned these dishes with advanced techniques and highest-class materials. Please enjoy this 'tastiness'.

an finally the money shot.

how do you like this, master?

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